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A letter from Metropolitan

Isaiah of Denver


Beloved Ladies of the Church,

I am most pleased to direct my thoughts and feelings to each one of you in your current administrative board and in your chapters throughout this Metropolis. There is no question in my mind that the work of philanthropy which you have been doing for many years is the work which our Lord Jesus Christ invites His sons and daughters to do in each and every generation. If we love our Lord more than anyone else in this life, even before family and relatives and friends, we do so because He is the divine source of all people and all creation.

Our Lord also reminds us to help others, even the stranger, before we help
ourselves. We doths because there is inherent danger that, if we help ourselves first, we unconsciously disregard the needs of others.


All of you have demonstrated this teaching of our Lord Who loves all people.
Your concern for others has been pragmatized by each one of the Philoptochos chapters of this Metropolis, as well as collectively by your administrative board,which have surpassed the good works of the larger Philoptochos groups in the other metropolises of our Archdiocese.


May our loving God, Who is pleased with the works of your hands, continue to
bless all of you with good health, strength, and inspiration.


With Paternal Blessings,

✠ Metropolitan Isaiah of Denver



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