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February 2021
Dear Chapter Presidents and Members of Philoptochos,
Elections for Philoptochos Officers and Board of Directors
 As you begin to prepare for the elections of your Philoptochos Chapter's Board and Officers for the term of 2021-2023, please note that the process was modified and streamlined through a change in the Bylaws, made at the 2020 Virtual Philoptochos Convention.
The provisions in the Bylaws regarding these new procedures for election of the Board are:
  • Article V, Section 4, Paragraph 5
    Ratification Process 
    Within 14 days of the election of the Chapter Board and Officers, a notification of the names of the newly elected chapter Board and Officers, shall be sent to the National Office for ratification. This notification shall be signed by the Election Chairman and the Parish Priest. In the event that either party declines or is unable to sign the notification, the notification shall be forwarded to the National Office with a statement explaining the missing signature.
  • Article V, Section 5, Paragraph 2
    Election of Officers
     Following the administration of the Oath of Office by the parish priest to the newly elected Board of Directors, the members of the Chapter Board shall meet to elect the Officers. The Advisor to the Board, or in her absence the Election Chairman, shall preside at the election meeting.
Please keep in mind that the provisions of the Bylaws are mandatory in nature and that your Chapter does not have the discretion to digress from them. Note: We are all aware that the COVID-19 Pandemic has severely curtailed our ability to conduct meetings. Our Bylaws require attendance at four “meetings” to qualify for The Board. Please be flexible and use discretion regarding this. Participation in other types of Philoptochos activities, to the extent that you had them, can be counted towards the meeting requirement.

If any questions or problems arise, please call your Metropolis President or the National Office for assistance.

See the “2021 Chapter Election Procedures Form” linked below for detailed instructions on the election and ratification process.  An Elections notice to all chapters will also be forwarded in the US mail. 

The complete Bylaws can be found on the Philoptochos website by clicking on the following link

Thank you and good luck!

Me Agape,
Arlene Siavelis Kehl
National Philoptochos President

To download a copy of this letter, click here.

2021 Elections Procedures & Forms

Visit for more information.
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