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The liaisons are the point of contact with the chapters. To get in touch with any of our Board Members, please click here to email.


2019 - 2021

All Holy Spirit, Omaha, NE

Kim Pappas

St.Nicholas, Corpus Christi, TX

Maria Kantalis

St. Dionsysios, Overland Park & Annunciation, Houston

Marie Halvatzis

Assumption, Galveston & Holy Apostles, Cheyenne

Marian Catechis

St. George, Oklahoma City, OK & Holy Trinity, Dallas

Dimitria Spilotis

Holy Trinity, Casper, WY & Assumption, Price, UT

Liz Deligiannis

St. Demotrios, Forth Worth & St. George, Shreveport

Georgia Sparto

Transfiguration, Sioux Falls, SD

Helen Carnegis

Transfiguration, Ogden & St. John, Euless

Veronica Fisher

St. Basil's, Houston, TX

Martha Stefanidakis

Annunciation, Kansas City & St. John, Omaha

Christi Paschang

St. Constantine & Helen, Cheyenne

Barbara Vittas

Assumption, Denver & Holy Trinity, Tulsa

Pam Weinroth

St. Catherine, Greenwood Village CO

Elaine Cladis

St.Sophia, San Antonio & Assumption, Bayard

Georgia Carson

Transfiguartion, Austin & St. Peter/Paul, Boulder

Patricia Mitchell

Holy Trinity, Salt Lake City, UT

Mary Wininger

St. Andrew, Lubbock & St. George, Albuquerque

Diane Pappas

St. Spyridon, Loveland & St. Constantine/ Helen, Boise

Christine Suehs

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